Why Are Comments Turned Off?

As some of you may have noticed, I have removed the commenting from this site… for now.

The reasoning behind it is that I was attracting more spammers than actual readers to help promote discussion. This is a motivational blog that allows us to discuss spiritual development, health and other things that give us the push to move forward in our life’s path. Not a place to go buy dresses or pocketbooks.

While I didn’t originally mind helping some of these small places out (I’m a web developer myself, so I know the importance of back linking) it was getting to the point of me receiving 200-300 comments a day! That is waaay too many to go through, read, and decide if they should be approved or not.

So, for now, the comments are off. I’m going to look into some anti-spam plugins for this site to help with this issue. Once I find something that works, the commenting feature will be back on!

In the meantime, expect more “non-administrator-like” posts in the next few weeks.