Finding the Warrior Within

And so we enter into another month in 2014. So far, I am keeping up with my resolution of posting at least one blog entry a month. So for this month, I’ve decided to dive into the warrior way.

You are going to talk about warriors when we are on the holiday known more for love? Really?

Yes, really.

But I’m not talking about warriors in the sense of those who are grunting, muscle-bound, shield-wielding individuals. The truth of the matter is that walking the warrior path requires love and respect of yourself. Finding this love and respect for yourself is harder for some, especially since we don’t want to seem selfish or egotistical.

There’s that ego again.

So how does one find the warrior within? How do we go from putting ourselves on the side to making us the central figure? Simple; love and respect yourself.

It is always easier to say than to do.

On Valentine’s Day, while we are thinking about family, friends, significant others and anyone we truly respect and care for in our lives, take a moment to honor thyself. Take the time to listen to yourself, spoil yourself, splurge a little, and really view yourself as the awesome person you really are.

You see, with energies and spirits, it is more of an emotional/mental game than most people realize. If you are an individual who is known to put others before yourself, listen to yourself last, and purposefully keep your self image very low, not only may you be suffering from the Lightworker Syndrome (shameless plug) but you are setting yourself up for bad things to happen to you. It makes it so you view the world more as a victim, rather than as a warrior.

Many times when I have come to find people either dealing with “bad luck” or are scared of entities parading through their house or even dealing with physical ailments that their physician can’t figure out what logically is going on, I commonly find individuals who refuse to fight for themselves. They have no problem fighting for their friends, children, spouses, and other family members… but not themselves. Whatever you put out into the universe is how the universe will respond to you. “Treat others the way you want to be treated.” It is all about reflecting your own mental perceptions into the world around you. Once you go from a victim mindset to a warrior mindset, you will feel you can handle whatever trials and tribulations come your way, and truly believe it. And guess what? You will.

You are awesome!

You are awesome!

So on today, of all days, don’t forget to celebrate yourself. You have earned it and your friends, family and the universe will thank you.

Moral: To find the warrior within, fight for yourself by loving the wonderful person you really are.