Popular Bad Habit #1: Worrying

Another month, another blog post. I was actually worried if I was going to get this entry out in time; especially with the spiritual matters I had encountered this month. But then I realized, the month’s topic of choice happened to be worry. Life works out that way sometimes.

So why am I touching upon worry on this blog? Passion Fruition is a blog about bettering oneself and moving forward on your path in life. And in order to do that successfully, we need to really face and evaluate bad habits. One of those bad habits is worrying.

Believe it or not, worrying is essentially a type of fear. While you might not be giving a bloodcurdling scream over an issue, you are worrying about something that you fear will come into your life. For example, let’s take my worry dilemma with writing this post before the end of the month. Was I scared of writing? Of course not. My worry, and in essence my fear, was in not completing the entry in time. My worry-fear, was failing my self-imposed deadline.

Now how do you overcome this? Just like if it was a fear, the best way to handle worry is to face it. Acknowledge that you are worried, and also in fear, of a possible outcome or situation you are facing. Usually this means making mental peace with the worst case scenario.

Going back to my worry-fear, I thought about what it would really entail if I did not get this blog entry out to you readers in time. Would really a few days matter? In the long run, no it wouldn’t. I know I would write a blog entry eventually. But it is letting myself down that is what I fear.

Establishing what you are really worried about makes a whole world of difference. It will either help you remove your worry or help motivate you to make a difference or change so there will be no need to worry!

So don’t worry. Be happy.

Moral: Face your worries like you would your fears, and make peace with them.

Finding the Warrior Within

And so we enter into another month in 2014. So far, I am keeping up with my resolution of posting at least one blog entry a month. So for this month, I’ve decided to dive into the warrior way.

You are going to talk about warriors when we are on the holiday known more for love? Really?

Yes, really.

But I’m not talking about warriors in the sense of those who are grunting, muscle-bound, shield-wielding individuals. The truth of the matter is that walking the warrior path requires love and respect of yourself. Finding this love and respect for yourself is harder for some, especially since we don’t want to seem selfish or egotistical.

There’s that ego again.

So how does one find the warrior within? How do we go from putting ourselves on the side to making us the central figure? Simple; love and respect yourself.

It is always easier to say than to do.

On Valentine’s Day, while we are thinking about family, friends, significant others and anyone we truly respect and care for in our lives, take a moment to honor thyself. Take the time to listen to yourself, spoil yourself, splurge a little, and really view yourself as the awesome person you really are.

You see, with energies and spirits, it is more of an emotional/mental game than most people realize. If you are an individual who is known to put others before yourself, listen to yourself last, and purposefully keep your self image very low, not only may you be suffering from the Lightworker Syndrome (shameless plug) but you are setting yourself up for bad things to happen to you. It makes it so you view the world more as a victim, rather than as a warrior.

Many times when I have come to find people either dealing with “bad luck” or are scared of entities parading through their house or even dealing with physical ailments that their physician can’t figure out what logically is going on, I commonly find individuals who refuse to fight for themselves. They have no problem fighting for their friends, children, spouses, and other family members… but not themselves. Whatever you put out into the universe is how the universe will respond to you. “Treat others the way you want to be treated.” It is all about reflecting your own mental perceptions into the world around you. Once you go from a victim mindset to a warrior mindset, you will feel you can handle whatever trials and tribulations come your way, and truly believe it. And guess what? You will.

You are awesome!

You are awesome!

So on today, of all days, don’t forget to celebrate yourself. You have earned it and your friends, family and the universe will thank you.

Moral: To find the warrior within, fight for yourself by loving the wonderful person you really are.

Reflections of Revelations and Resolutions

With the presents now opened, the eggnog all gone and the mirror ball has dropped to signify 2014’s arrival, we now look toward the days ahead. While most people do reflect around this time of year and dwell on the aspects that they wish to change, we should also remember what we have accomplished in 2013. Just because a year has passed, does not mean we should forget where we have come from either.

So while you are making your resolutions, I invite you to reflect on what was. The key on how to change your future in 2014 may lie within them.


Moral: To all the readers of this blog, Happy New Year!!

Stuck Between Two Worlds

Being spiritually open is not easy. Granted, it has become more socially accepted over the more current years, however there is still a balance the person needs to maintain at all times. And that becomes especially important as we approach the holidays, where spirits are more active and easier to interact with.

When I first started down my own spiritual path, I felt very alone in this area of things. I was not sure how to make heads or tails of what I was experiencing. Was I just imagining things? Maybe it was just coincidence. Am I overthinking things? Am I overthinking about overthinking? Whoa, maybe had too much chocolate candy before going to bed.

Who am I kidding? That can't be it...

Who am I kidding? That can’t be it…

What I did not know back then is that confusion is very much a part of the spiritual. Unlike things in our physical realm, the “rules” we are taught in school and see in our every day life do not always apply. Things simply do not operate the same way. And, more often than not, we will not fully understand those incidents when spirit does show up.

And that is okay.

Given how far technology has advanced and how much science is growing, the general hope that we will be able to fully understand the paranormal has been going on for eons. And while we feel we are getting closer, we still expect that we should understand more than we do. 2+2 = 4, the sky is blue, and gravity keeps us all on the spinning world. We can logically explain and deduce those things, but we can’t explain the ghost in the corner.

And that is okay.

For anyone who is spiritually open, our human mind wants to try and rationalize what we are seeing or experiencing. We want to be able to deduce and give a logical explanation. And when we cannot, that is when fear comes into play. Instead of acknowledging that we just simply do not understand, we take that incident as something to be feared.

This is where balance for the sensitive is crucially important. We cannot run off to the hills screaming that the demons are coming like a spooky rendition of Paul Revere, and we cannot also deem ourselves going insane because it cannot logically happen in our world. It is not our job to explain. It is our job to experience.

Hallmark was right!

Hallmark was right!

Yes, all those greeting cards and spiritual pictures on Facebook did have something truthful in them. Life is about the experiences we encounter. For some people, those experiences are more of the “normal” occurrences: moving into a new home, getting a new job, eating more chocolate candy. But for the spiritually open individual, the unexplainable occurrences are also sprinkled into our life experience. And, as you know… that is okay.

The key is acknowledging that we do not need to understand and to let the experience unfold before us. It may not make sense now, or in three months, or even ten years from now, but when we are ready for it, we will understand the experience. So if you have a deceased relative visit you this holiday season, rather than try to explain why they are there, what they want, who exactly is, etc., experience the sensation of their presence and the joy of them spending the time with you during the holidays. And maybe, just maybe, you’ll see that being stuck between two worlds is not so bad.

Moral: Rather than looking for an explanation, look for the joy in the experience.

Excuses, Excuses…

Our society is prone to use excuses in excess.

That above statement may seem very jaded or presumptuous, but I am guilty of doing this as well. And actually, this blog is a prime example of my own discretions on this topic.

When I decided to create Passion Fruition, my goal was to create a blog where I could post not only motivational pieces from experiences I have encountered in life for whomever was lucky (or unlucky) to stumble across my small piece of cyberspace, but as a dedication to myself to take things I was passionate about and bring them into fruition (I see what you did there). I am a repeat offender of procrastination and having a lot of ideas and dreams on things I would want to do, but never having the will or focus to make them a reality.

So what started as a blog, almost became an unrealized dream as this has been sitting in cyberspace, untouched, for four whole months. And why? Well, here is where the excuses came in.

Beforehand, I had asked people on my Facebook page if they were interested in my ramblings and viewpoint on life and I had such a nice response on the topic that I went ahead and purchased the domain name, bought an expensive WordPress template, had ideas for logos and designs for how “spiffy” my blog was going to look. I had daydreams of me sitting with a computer, drinking a hot coffee, typing my theoretical findings for the day on my popular hit blog, adorned with hipster glasses and all.

This was back in January.

I do love to write with a cup of coffee as my companion...

I do love to write with a cup of coffee as my companion…

Being a web developer, I didn’t want the default template, I wanted to make my own. But then I was too tired and busy from my full-time job. Then I didn’t have the time to draw the logo I wanted. I couldn’t write my blog right now, I didn’t have my hot coffee! What about scheduling? When am I going to have time to upkeep a blog? I’m too busy helping other companies with their social media and search engine optimization to worry about mine. Now its been a quite a long time since I posted on Facebook about wanting to create a blog. Is anyone even still out there?

As the excuses piled up more and more in my conscious mind, the idea of a motivational, spiritual blog fell back into my subconscious and this just sat… and sat… and sat…

The empty blog did make friends with a few robot crawlers though… not sure if that’s good or not.

So then we come to today where I was checking all my social feeds and I happened across an article that talked about a man’s test to see how he could handle not using the internet for a whole year. Working in the IT field as my everyday profession, I was very intrigued on how it all worked out and had anticipated it being a glamorous, life-changing experience. I mean, it is obviously the internet’s and technology’s fault we are so distracted and busy, right?


To my surprise, and probably to the surprise of anyone else who read the well-written post, the author found it not so life-changing and glamorous as he had originally expected. Instead, he found himself sitting with his own flaws. In other words, he found out that his not reaching out to his friends, or having the time to work on his projects had nothing to do with the internet. It had to do with him.

After reading this article, I started to really think about it deeply and apply it to my own life in regard to anything I didn’t start, create or do. I always felt it was do to the excuse; like poor time management, no one would be interested now, the website is not done just right and numerous others. I found that it wasn’t the excuses that stopped the idea to come to fruition. It was me.

I was so motivated by this discovery, I finally remembered this little piece of the internet that I had put aside as my own project before excuses came into play. And with that, you now read the post before you.

So why am I writing about this? Why am I just posting this up? Well, simply put, I’m done with making excuses. If people read this article and take something away from it, fantastic. If not, oh well. The main thing is, I got something DONE and did not let an excuse stop me. Is the way the blog design is right now to my standard taste? No. Is this going to be the form all my blog entries will be? Probably not. But all those things will come together, come to fruition, in time. Rather than stopping myself before I even began, I will sit back with the rest of the audience and see how things develop. That’s how dreams become reality. That’s how we grow as human beings.

And that, in itself, is one of the ways that life stays interesting.

Moral: Live life with no excuses.