The Power of the Kitchen

Thanksgiving; the holiday that not only we give thanks to what we have and are blessed with, but the day we test our stomachs to see how much turkey and other goodies we can consume. While everyone knows the kitchen is crucial for these extravagant dinners to come to fruition (I see what you did there), what a lot of people do not realize is the spiritual significance of the kitchen itself.

For many years, a lot of teas, ointments, spells, incenses, oils, and various other spiritual and healing tools were cooked in a kitchen. And this is still carried on to this day. Don’t believe me? Let me know how that epiphany hits you when you’re making chicken soup for a nasty cold.

I think there is a curse in that pie...

I think there is a curse in that pie…

Many people can tell when there is “love” that is put into a dish, and know how certain foods can help them battle certain illnesses and ailments. Believe it or not, that is our energy and the spirit of the food mixing together for a desired effect. Many pagans, wiccans and other spiritual healers had figured out this fact eons ago, and still use it to help bring change to themselves and their world.

So for all you kitchen witches out there, and even those who just consider themselves to be mad culinary scientists, remember the power that a kitchen has. It has the power to heal, and also bring love and togetherness in a household. Enjoy the joy the Thanksgiving dishes bring, or any dishes from the kitchen for that matter, and give thanks to the season.

Moral: Happy Thanksgiving!

Excuses, Excuses…

Our society is prone to use excuses in excess.

That above statement may seem very jaded or presumptuous, but I am guilty of doing this as well. And actually, this blog is a prime example of my own discretions on this topic.

When I decided to create Passion Fruition, my goal was to create a blog where I could post not only motivational pieces from experiences I have encountered in life for whomever was lucky (or unlucky) to stumble across my small piece of cyberspace, but as a dedication to myself to take things I was passionate about and bring them into fruition (I see what you did there). I am a repeat offender of procrastination and having a lot of ideas and dreams on things I would want to do, but never having the will or focus to make them a reality.

So what started as a blog, almost became an unrealized dream as this has been sitting in cyberspace, untouched, for four whole months. And why? Well, here is where the excuses came in.

Beforehand, I had asked people on my Facebook page if they were interested in my ramblings and viewpoint on life and I had such a nice response on the topic that I went ahead and purchased the domain name, bought an expensive WordPress template, had ideas for logos and designs for how “spiffy” my blog was going to look. I had daydreams of me sitting with a computer, drinking a hot coffee, typing my theoretical findings for the day on my popular hit blog, adorned with hipster glasses and all.

This was back in January.

I do love to write with a cup of coffee as my companion...

I do love to write with a cup of coffee as my companion…

Being a web developer, I didn’t want the default template, I wanted to make my own. But then I was too tired and busy from my full-time job. Then I didn’t have the time to draw the logo I wanted. I couldn’t write my blog right now, I didn’t have my hot coffee! What about scheduling? When am I going to have time to upkeep a blog? I’m too busy helping other companies with their social media and search engine optimization to worry about mine. Now its been a quite a long time since I posted on Facebook about wanting to create a blog. Is anyone even still out there?

As the excuses piled up more and more in my conscious mind, the idea of a motivational, spiritual blog fell back into my subconscious and this just sat… and sat… and sat…

The empty blog did make friends with a few robot crawlers though… not sure if that’s good or not.

So then we come to today where I was checking all my social feeds and I happened across an article that talked about a man’s test to see how he could handle not using the internet for a whole year. Working in the IT field as my everyday profession, I was very intrigued on how it all worked out and had anticipated it being a glamorous, life-changing experience. I mean, it is obviously the internet’s and technology’s fault we are so distracted and busy, right?


To my surprise, and probably to the surprise of anyone else who read the well-written post, the author found it not so life-changing and glamorous as he had originally expected. Instead, he found himself sitting with his own flaws. In other words, he found out that his not reaching out to his friends, or having the time to work on his projects had nothing to do with the internet. It had to do with him.

After reading this article, I started to really think about it deeply and apply it to my own life in regard to anything I didn’t start, create or do. I always felt it was do to the excuse; like poor time management, no one would be interested now, the website is not done just right and numerous others. I found that it wasn’t the excuses that stopped the idea to come to fruition. It was me.

I was so motivated by this discovery, I finally remembered this little piece of the internet that I had put aside as my own project before excuses came into play. And with that, you now read the post before you.

So why am I writing about this? Why am I just posting this up? Well, simply put, I’m done with making excuses. If people read this article and take something away from it, fantastic. If not, oh well. The main thing is, I got something DONE and did not let an excuse stop me. Is the way the blog design is right now to my standard taste? No. Is this going to be the form all my blog entries will be? Probably not. But all those things will come together, come to fruition, in time. Rather than stopping myself before I even began, I will sit back with the rest of the audience and see how things develop. That’s how dreams become reality. That’s how we grow as human beings.

And that, in itself, is one of the ways that life stays interesting.

Moral: Live life with no excuses.