The Power of the Kitchen

Thanksgiving; the holiday that not only we give thanks to what we have and are blessed with, but the day we test our stomachs to see how much turkey and other goodies we can consume. While everyone knows the kitchen is crucial for these extravagant dinners to come to fruition (I see what you did there), what a lot of people do not realize is the spiritual significance of the kitchen itself.

For many years, a lot of teas, ointments, spells, incenses, oils, and various other spiritual and healing tools were cooked in a kitchen. And this is still carried on to this day. Don’t believe me? Let me know how that epiphany hits you when you’re making chicken soup for a nasty cold.

I think there is a curse in that pie...

I think there is a curse in that pie…

Many people can tell when there is “love” that is put into a dish, and know how certain foods can help them battle certain illnesses and ailments. Believe it or not, that is our energy and the spirit of the food mixing together for a desired effect. Many pagans, wiccans and other spiritual healers had figured out this fact eons ago, and still use it to help bring change to themselves and their world.

So for all you kitchen witches out there, and even those who just consider themselves to be mad culinary scientists, remember the power that a kitchen has. It has the power to heal, and also bring love and togetherness in a household. Enjoy the joy the Thanksgiving dishes bring, or any dishes from the kitchen for that matter, and give thanks to the season.

Moral: Happy Thanksgiving!

The Lightworker Syndrome

The Lightworker Syndrome (noun): When a practicing lightworker stretches himself or herself beyond their own limits in order to help another person.

What in the world am I talking about?

One thing I have noticed among many lightworkers is that we tend to overdo a lot of things, mainly helping others. Lightworkers obviously want to help our fellow man, but we are guilty of not helping ourselves. We worry that we are being selfish and we are eager to help bring more light to the world.

While this is a very noble idea, it is also a bit egotistical in a way. And here come the torches and pitchforks…

Before I get crucified for that statement, let me explain. Every single one of us has a path to walk on. In the grand scheme of things, each path is very important to one single person: our own self. Even though there is always reasoning that the Divine has in putting certain road blocks, obstacles, T intersections and various other twists and turns, it is always left to us as human beings to decide how react, respond and move forward. Why? Because we have free will. No one is forcing us to feel bad for certain situations. It is how we are reacting to a situation we are facing.

Now we come to lightworkers. I, personally, am not a fan of the term (it is very one-sided, and that is another blog entry for another time), but each lightworker has their own path. But one “bump in the road” that I’ve come to notice that many lightworkers have to face and come to terms with is boundaries.

And yes, I’m guilty of this too. So before we start throwing busses, let me share how I’ve come to terms with this lesson in life.

Visualize for a moment you are going to see a surgeon for a procedure. Before your surgery, you meet the head surgeon managing your surgery. When the surgeon comes in, you notice that their nose is running, eyes are bloodshot, numerous dark circles around their eyes and they’re coughing every now and again. Now would you want them performing a surgery on you? Of course not.

This is the same with lightworkers. Most lightworkers want to heal other people in order to bring more light (hence the term) into the lives of the people they’re helping. However, just like with the surgeon analogy, many forget to take care of themselves. The surgeon and the lightworker may be coming to their patient with the best of intentions, but the personal boundaries of the surgeon and lightworker have now been ignored.

And now we are drained and are the ones in need of healing.

Then you become drained and are the one in need of healing.

So, how do you overcome the lightworker syndrome? Simple. Take care of yourself.

Make sure after doing a lightworking session on an individual that you take time to clear yourself and ground yourself. Give yourself time to work on your own healing and spiritual growth. Don’t forget, you’re walking your own path too and you have many lessons and healings to go through. Get back to basics and listen to your intuition. If your body or your spiritual teachers are saying this person cannot get help from you right now, listen. It doesn’t reflect on your abilities or how you are as a person. You have a right to the person you’re helping, as well as yourself, to respect the divine timing, and do spiritual work at 100% efficiency.

If you find yourself like the surgeon in the example above, for goodness sake, call off from work! Take time to heal. RESPECT yourself.

You will be amazed on how much more energy and healing you can bring forward if you work within the divine timing and your own boundaries. Just like an employee coming back from a vacation, you will feel refreshed and ready to do what needs to be done. Don’t challenge your boundaries, respect them. Once making peace with them, then you will notice that they will begin to change as you begin to change. Enjoy, respect and dance within the flow.

Moral: RESPECT your boundaries. LISTEN to yourself. And REMEMBER to continue walking your path.

Dealing with Negativity

One of the things I’ve been noticing people speak of a lot on both the internet and in person is the effect of negativity.

It seems that we have almost become obsessed in dealing with negative people and putting ourselves in negative situations. We probably can all agree that no one really enjoys being with negative people or dealing with negative situations. No one really goes looking for these confrontations and conflicts.

Or do we?

Everything happens for a reason.

Let me put it this way, everyone has heard this quote in one form or another, either through a picture online or someone uttering it to someone else, etc. A lot of people use this quote for positive things, like two people meeting each other through a third party for example. However, it is rarely thought of when something bad is going on.

Most people do not even want to think about there being a possible reason for negativity being in their lives. They just want it gone, removed, completely, quickly. But what is not realized is that unless the lesson has been learned, that negativity cannot be fully removed. Even if you happen to get a “break” from it, that negativity will show up again either through another person or another situation.

What we should do is truly take a look at our negativity and make peace with it. Realize that this situation or person is before us for a reason, and it is how we deal with it that helps define us as a person. We can either throw more negativity at it by complaining about the situation and wallow in it, or turn the situation into a positive, become a stronger and wiser person and truly rise above it.

So, what is the reason for your negativity?

It could be to show you certain traits that you do not want in your life. It could be to acknowledge your own will and power within. It could be to change your point of view. It could be to get you closer to your faith. It could be a lot of things, but in the end, the task of learning and getting anything out of it relies on you.

I invite anyone who reads this article to take a hard look at your negative situations instead of turning a blind eye to it. Accept it for truly what it is, and acknowledge the lesson being brought to you. And, most of all, be thankful for the lesson and the given platform to change yourself. Because, after all, we are always learning and growing throughout life. It is when we stay stagnant and wallow in the darkness, that negativity has its way with us.

Moral: Embrace your negativity, turn it into a positive, and continue along your life’s path.