Stuck Between Two Worlds

Being spiritually open is not easy. Granted, it has become more socially accepted over the more current years, however there is still a balance the person needs to maintain at all times. And that becomes especially important as we approach the holidays, where spirits are more active and easier to interact with.

When I first started down my own spiritual path, I felt very alone in this area of things. I was not sure how to make heads or tails of what I was experiencing. Was I just imagining things? Maybe it was just coincidence. Am I overthinking things? Am I overthinking about overthinking? Whoa, maybe had too much chocolate candy before going to bed.

Who am I kidding? That can't be it...

Who am I kidding? That can’t be it…

What I did not know back then is that confusion is very much a part of the spiritual. Unlike things in our physical realm, the “rules” we are taught in school and see in our every day life do not always apply. Things simply do not operate the same way. And, more often than not, we will not fully understand those incidents when spirit does show up.

And that is okay.

Given how far technology has advanced and how much science is growing, the general hope that we¬†will be able to fully understand the paranormal has been going on for eons. And while we feel we are getting closer, we still¬†expect that we should understand more than we do. 2+2 = 4, the sky is blue, and gravity keeps us all on the spinning world. We can logically explain and deduce those things, but we can’t explain the ghost in the corner.

And that is okay.

For anyone who is spiritually open, our human mind wants to try and rationalize what we are seeing or experiencing. We want to be able to deduce and give a logical explanation. And when we cannot, that is when fear comes into play. Instead of acknowledging that we just simply do not understand, we take that incident as something to be feared.

This is where balance for the sensitive is crucially important. We cannot run off to the hills screaming that the demons are coming like a spooky rendition of Paul Revere, and we cannot also deem ourselves going insane because it cannot logically happen in our world. It is not our job to explain. It is our job to experience.

Hallmark was right!

Hallmark was right!

Yes, all those greeting cards and spiritual pictures on Facebook did have something truthful in them. Life is about the experiences we encounter. For some people, those experiences are more of the “normal” occurrences: moving into a new home, getting a new job, eating more chocolate candy. But for the spiritually open individual, the unexplainable occurrences are also sprinkled into our life experience. And, as you know… that is okay.

The key is acknowledging that we do not need to understand and to let the experience unfold before us. It may not make sense now, or in three months, or even ten years from now, but when we are ready for it, we will understand the experience. So if you have a deceased relative visit you this holiday season, rather than try to explain why they are there, what they want, who exactly is, etc., experience the sensation of their presence and the joy of them spending the time with you during the holidays. And maybe, just maybe, you’ll see that being stuck between two worlds is not so bad.

Moral: Rather than looking for an explanation, look for the joy in the experience.


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